Here at ACCF we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a small town gym. We like that we can recall our members PRs and we truly feel that we have a family here. We want you to walk through those doors knowing that whatever the workout is that day, you will put in your best effort, and we will do our best job to teach you and motivate you to be a better you. Life is not always perfect, some days you will hit a PR, other days you will not want to workout at all...We know CrossFit is not easy. It will push your limits. It will be frustrating. It will take you out of your comfort zone. That's where the road to your goals leads, so we'll take you there. CrossFit does not Fit everyone, but if you are willing to put in an effort to learn it, it will forever change your life. Here at ACCF we want to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, we will help you reach those goals, but only after you realize that no one can change you but you. You need to wake up and believe in yourself just as much as we believe in you. You need to understand that today you will do what others won't so tomorrow you will do what others can't!

 We are proud to be a Mash Mafia Affiliate. We work directly with a world champion. Travis Mash has set world records in powerlifting and has trained at the U.S. Olympic training center as a weightlifter. He currently lives in NC where he coaches one of the largest and most successful weightlifting teams in the country. His ability with a barbell is surpassed only by his passion for improvement and his knowledge of fitness. Learning and improving our own coaching under mentorship is an incredible privilege that we know will impact your training with us in a very positive way.